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Our process has been perfected over the years to ensure that your family and senior experience a streamlined and simple process for finding the perfect living arrangements.

Senior Living Intake Meeting


To determine the level of care and services needed, a comprehensive assessment of the client's care needs and resources will be conducted. All HIPPA guidelines followed.

We use a unique assessment process that follows along with 4 main areas - Health, Family, Finance, and Facility. By gathering the information we need in those areas, we are able to understand the whole situation. Using this information, we can determine if they qualify for benefits and recommend appropriate care environments and budgets.

Oftentimes, the person who needs care may not be able to speak to us, in that scenario, we speak to a family member instead. Occasionally, the family hasn't informed the person they are moving into assisted living yet, meaning we aren't able to talk to the senior themselves.  There are also times when we must do the interview over the phone.


Our process differs from other companies in the sense that we first find availability, then background check the homes against the AZDHS's online inspection.


Families that we help are especially glad to hear that once we have completed our initial background checks, we drop by the locations unannounced. We do this to make sure that each facility is in top shape and the residents are being properly cared for even when no one is looking.

Once we have weeded out the bad ones, we schedule tours for the family. We don't just give you a list of addresses and send you on your way like some of the other placement agencies do.  We spend the day with the family and prospective residence touring each facility and asking all the right questions.

Senior Living Home


We coordinate all aspects of the move-in process, including meeting with discharge planners, care managers, and admissions staff.  The necessary paperwork will be completed by Your Care Agency.  Arrangements can also be made for ancillary services and transportation to the new facility.

Senior Living Family


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Senior Living
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