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Your Care Agency was recommended to me through the rehab facility that my Aunt was admitted to post-stroke. I am from out-of-state and totally uninformed about healthcare in Arizona. Jonathan and Your Care Agency patiently explained every step to me. He set-up tours, during the COVID visitation shutdown, to group homes that were qualified to meet my Aunt's high-level care needs. Jonathan and Your Care Agency even helped us out in an emergency move to a skilled nursing facilities when my Aunt suddenly needed a higher level of care. I called him for help late on a Friday, and he answered! My Aunt was in the new skilled nursing facility on Saturday. It was such a relief to have someone reliable, patient, and experienced to count on during such a difficult time.

Seriously - an angel landed the day we met Jonathan. It's hard to capture the gratitude that my family and I feel toward kind Jon. He worked with us over a several month period to rehouse our 89 year-old father - patiently answering our senior living questions and guiding us with confident, caring support. Jon helped us find a wonderful assisted living home for Dad and even helped make sure he transitioned well. I highly, highly recommend Your Care Agency to you. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for him.

Lou Ann G.

Heather E.

Your Care Agency is a god send to our family.  My Mother experienced a fall and our family decided to place her in Assisted Living to help her stay as independent as possible while receiving the appropriate care for her specific medical needs.  Jonathan took such good care of us, even with our sometimes complicated family dynamics.  He managed the entire process himself and made a stressful time manageable. I can't possibly recommend Your Care Agency more. I'm happy to report that Mom is doing great in her assisted living group home.

Jonathan helped with placement for my Uncle who needed emergency placement. He was very knowledgeable about the different assisted living facilities and helped us understand the process. I highly recommend him and his company.

Matt B.

Lou G.

My husband became too much for me to be able to care for on my own and his skilled nursing facility recommended that I call Your Care Agency.  I spoke to Jonathan and was immediately comforted that he would hold my hand and help me find a great place for my husband near our home in Scottsdale, Arizona.  To say that he took care of everything doesn't truly explain how hands on Jonathan was through this process. What I loved the most is that he performed surprise visits in the homes before he even took me to see them.  I loved to know what the homes were like when no one was expecting a visit from a family member.  I am so glad to have worked with Jonathan at Your Care Agency.

Your Care Agency helped my family in a very difficult time.  My elderly father took a fall and was unable to return home to care for himself.  My father was very unhappy about the prospect of living in an assisted living facility but after touring a few centers with Jonathan he softened to the idea.  With Jonathan's guidance we chose a home that offered not only exceptional care, but a wide variety of activities for the residents. My father now has friends to play cards with and even started to paint.  I'm so glad to know that he's safe. We would have been lost in this process without Your Care Agency.

Kathy P.

Velma J.

My mother is diabetic and has quite a few additional health issues that require a high level of care.  I knew she needed to move out of her own home but I was confused as to where to start when a friend directed me to Jonathan at Your Care Agency.  From our first conversation I was able to relax after hearing his process for finding the perfect facility for his clients. Jonathan provided us a handful of great options after performing surprise visits himself.  The tours went great and we chose the very first one that we went to. I can't imagine going through this process without someone to hold my hand.  Mom is doing great and is receiving great care.

I can't recommend Jonathan at Your Care Agency more! He was able to determine very quickly that Dad needed a higher level of care than I thought during the initial interview.  The questions he asked were things that I hadn't thought of.  I don't know where I would be without his expertise and care.  You can tell that Jonathan loves what he does and has deep concern for his clients.  He and Dad really liked each other and he drops in to visit.  Don't go with one of the online companies. You really need a person to walk you through the process personally.  It's more complicated than you might think.

Debra S.

Susan J.

My sister and I were searching for nursing homes for our aging father and were referred to Jonathan at Your Care Agency by a care giver that we know.  My sister thought we could do the whole thing ourselves but after talking to Jonathan for only a few minutes she quickly changed her mind and was so thankful for his expertise.  We were in way over our heads!  We didn't even know the difference between a nursing home, assisted living facility or residential care homes!  (Those are important terms to know.)  After deciding to go with Your Care Agency our stress levels decreased tremendously because Jonathan was so communicative and his process was so comprehensive.  If you're looking for a home for your aging loved one don't go with the online guys or google "nursing home near me" - Your Care Agency is the obvious first choice.  We went with a small residential care home in our same area and Dad is acclimating to his new environment.  He won't admit it but he's even made some new friends to play dominoes with.

I'm not sure what my family would have done without Jonathan at Your Care Agency.  My mother was in a skilled nursing facility and was referred to live in an assisted living facility.  Have you ever googled "assisted living near me"? It's awful!  You get a bunch of assisted living results, but you don't know how to determine if they are a good home or not. We called one assisted living facility, quickly realized we were in over our heads and asked them for any type of resource to help in the process.  The caregiver there immediately recommended Jonathan and we're so glad she did.  It was a difficult decision to place mom in assisted living but we are out of state and she just wasn't able to properly care for herself any longer.  We came into town for the move in and were surprised to see Jonathan there putting boxes in his car.  He is such a great guy and goes above and beyond what anyone else would do.  We can't recommend him more than we do.

Christine C.

Linda D.

My sister and I would like to thank Jonathan at Your Care Agency for the amazing job he did finding our mom a great care home.  He was exceptional in understanding what we needed and sending us pics so we could make an informed decision in Mom's placement. His efficiency and professional work with the staff at the home was amazing.  He is definitely an expert in his profession. We know it wasn't easy working with us via phone and online but we could tell that he cared and had our best interest at heart. We consider it an honor to refer him.

Amazing company, everyone is looking out for your best interest. Not many honest senior living placement agencies out there anymore, but it's good to know there is still one. You won't be displeased, and will leave knowing you made the right decision.

Dacoda W.

Mary F.

Our experiences with Jonathan has been outstanding. We took in an 80 year old and Jonathan has been a great resource, guiding us through various insurance, state guideline, and hospice care inquiries. He is always helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this agency to anyone trying to find senior living care and or placement!

Ken P.

When my Uncle's dementia became too much, I was the only family he had in the area. If it wasn't for Your Care Agency I don't know what I would have done. They did everything for me. He worked with the rehab, toured homes with me, and helped me understand what was going on. I highly recommend them.

Quinn D.

I cant believe how wonderful this Agency is. They helped me every step of the way to find an assisted living facility for my uncle who was needing more personal care than I could handle. I cant say enough good things about this company!


Caring, efficient and intelligent services are provided at a time when it looks like doors have closed. Jonathan found an excellent environment for a family member and he did it in record time. 24 hours. Impressive. He even sent a photo of my family member and made sure that details were handled flawlessly. I am pleased but most importantly, my amazing father is pleased and comfortable. Your Care Agency.... Highly recommended!

Carolyn H.

Your Care Agency - thank you for what you do and the way you do it! You make the long term care industry markedly better, and directly improve the quality of life for the elderly who are fortunate enough to have your advocacy.

Aaron W.

Industry Expert Recommendation

Jane, Assisted Living Facility Staff Member

"I've had the pleasure of working with the owner, Jonathan, on countless occasions over the years while operating Assisted Living Facilities. Placement agencies are NOT all created equal - the training, diligence and compassion of the placement agent have profound impact on the success of the transition for the elderly into long term care accommodations.


Unfortunately, almost all other agencies are focused on doing the bare minimum while keeping appearances up for their referral sources. Your Care Agency consistently, and I mean every single time I’ve worked with them, has gone far above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen from another referral agency. They actually care about doing their job right, and to very best of their abilities. It’s as if Jonathan has an “obsession with helping” in any way he can at any time, and I think he imparts this mentality successfully to his team.


I always know that when I’m working with him or one of his agents, I have someone who’s actively ensuring a smooth transition; a true advocate for all parties involved. When I’m working with Your Care Agency, I know every detail of medications, medical equipment, discharge paperwork, to the comforts and preferences of the resident and family, will be comprehensively accounted for, double and triple checked. It truly makes all the difference.


I’ve seen Jonathan himself roll up his sleeves to assemble a bed and hang pictures, I've seen him successfully go to battle with LTC insurance companies for his client, I’ve seen him buy a wheelchair with his own money for an ALTCS patient, and never even told anyone that’s where it came from. For the good of our elderly population and the medical support staff involved in their care, I hope Your Care Agency’s model grows to become the standard."


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